Sprawling over 12 acres of land, Cambrian Hall is situated in the lap of greenery of Dehradun Cantt., facing the majestic and picturesque Mussoorie hills. The school has a beautiful campus with two playing grounds, an Indoor Basket Ball Court also, an auditorium, well equipped Laboratories, separate blocks for seniors, middle and junior school, two libraries, an open air theatre for holding Assembly, six bedded Hospital and five spacious dormitories (four for boys and one for girls). The school has its own catering arrangement.


The classes are held in two separate blocks:

Jodha Blockwhich houses classes VIII to XII is well equipped with laboratories for Computer Sciences, Physics, Chemistry Biology, Home Science and an Art room.

Doutre Block houses classes III to VII with an art room, a junior library and a junior laboratory for Computer Science.

The Experimental Blockhas the SUPW room, Open Air Theatre, Dance room, Music room and the senior Library. The Auditorium can accommodate nearly a 1000 students at a time with an indoor basketball court There is a separate block for class I and II.

There are separate toilets for boys and girls. The school has two playgrounds, one inside the campus and the second outside. The facilities of a canteen, a book and stationary shop, a tailor, cobbler as well as a barber are available within a campus. We also have a cycle stand. The bursar is responsible for maintenance of school property.


The boarders are housed in Shashi block which has a modern dining hall with a kitchen. The students are accommodated in dormitories according to their age and houses. The Principal, Vice Principal, Bursar, Estate Supervisor, Kitchen I/C, Housemasters and PTIs live in the campus in a separate block known as staff residential quarters. A separate Girl’s Hostel is also being run in the campus adjacent to the Principal’s residence.


There is a six bedded hospital near class I block under the charge of a full time Nursing Sister and a part time, highly qualified and experienced Doctor. There is a panel of medical specialists from town for consultation and students are admitted into nursing homes in case of any emergency. Children of Armed Forces personnel enjoy medical facilities in the Military Hospital, Dehra Dun in case of any serious injury/illness.


Both vegetarian and non vegetarian food is served on campus. However, beef and pork are strictly prohibited within the school. The menu includes Indian and English dishes. The diet offered is well balanced and wholesome and eggs and fresh fruits are a daily issue. Extra milk is provided of recommended by the school doctor. (250gms milk per day @ Rs. 450 per month). The mess in charge is responsible for preparation of food and the kitchen arrangements.


Cambrian Hall provides Bus Transport for a limited number of children to and from school. It must not be presumed that a child who qualifies for admission will automatically be given a seat on the bus. Children are picked up and dropped at the most suitable spot near their homes convenient for the school buses. Bus routes are fixed and cannot be changed.

The bus charges are Rs. 450/- per child for a month or any part of the month. Bus charges are payable for eleven months in the year. No bus fees will be charged for the month of June. Charges are subject to revision periodically. Bus fees are not refundable. Children availing themselves of the bus must pay for the seat in advance, whether occupied or not. One calendar month’s notice for not using the bus must be given. Boys of classes IX, X, XI and XII are usually not permitted to use the school transport.


The school brings out the following publications:

  1. Summit:A monthly newsletter covering day to day activities on the campus, articles from the students and achievements of the students.
  2. Cambrianite:Annual Magazine
  3. School Diary:The diary provides the calendar of events for the year, general rules for the conduct of the students, time table, school uniform details, curriculum, co-curricular activities, songs and prayers for the morning assembly as well as many other instructions useful to both parents and students.
  4. Question papers for previous years @ Rs. 15/- per set for each class.

It is a matter of great pride and pleasure that our school team comprising Anavil Nautiyal of class XII C and Simran Kaur of class XI A won the Trophy for Inter School Hindi Debate held at Summer Valley School. Anavil Nautiyal received the prize for the Best Speaker also.
Our school participated in the Inter School English Debate held at Marshall School on 4th November, 2019. Cambrian Hall team comprising Simran Kaur (XI A) and Anavil Nautiyal (XII C) stood first in the competition and won the Trophy. Our school team consisting of Akshita Dora and Yogita Jhinkwan won PPSA Inter School Hindi Debate held at Children’s Academy on 20th August, 2019. Yogita Jhinkwan (XII B) secured second position among all speakers of ten participating schools.

Classes I to VIII:

Subjects: English Language, English Literature, History, Geography, Hindi, Mathematics,
General Science, Sanskrit (Compulsory), Computer Science, General Knowledge, Moral
Science, Art and Craft, Dance, Music, SUPW and Physical Education.
Classes IX & X:
Subjects: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, History & Civics, Geography,
Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Home Science, Computer Applications, Art,
Commercial Studies and Physical Education (English, Hindi, Social Sciences, i.e. History, Civics
and Geography are compulsory and three more subjects are to be taken.)
Classes XI & XII: Subjects:
  1. Science – English (Compulsory), Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Hindi, Physical Education/Biology/Computer Science/Economics, Art, Home Science.
  2. Commerce – Mathematics/Hindi, Physical Education, Structure of Commerce, Economics/Home Science/Computer Science, Arts, English.
  3. Humanities – Mathematics/Hindi/Physical Education, History, Political Science, Psychology, Economics/Home Science/Computer Science, Art, English (Compulsory).

Note: SUPW is compulsory for classes IX to XII.

The school year is from 1st week of April to mid-May; 1st week of July to mid-December and mid-
January to 20th March every year.
Note: Class XI of ISC will commence from 1st week April each year. Cambrian Hall students who
have appeared for the ICSE Examination should join in April in their own interest and not wait for
the final result of ICSE which is generally out by end of May.
The assessment for promotion is done on the basis of the following examinations:
1. Four Unit Tests in May, August, December and February
2. Half Yearly Examinations in October
3. Final Examinations in March
4. Homework assignments during both summer and winter vacations.
ICSE (Class X) Examination is conducted by the Council for Indian School Certification
Examinations, New Delhi in March. The subjects for examination are as follows:
I. Compulsory: English, Hindi, Civics, Geography, Environmental Education.
II. Two Subjects: Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)/Commerce and Mathematics
III. One Subject: Art/Home Science/Computer Applications/Economic Applications
S.U.P.W: It is compulsory for the students to pass in the S.U.P.W Examinations (both in the
ICSE & ISC examinations) which includes Motor Mechanics for both boys and girls. Without
passing in S.U.P.W., the Council does not issue pass certificate even if a student passes in the
external examinations. The S.U.P.W. examination is assessed internally by the school.
Project Work: There is Project Work assignment in English, Hindi, Mathematics, History, Geography,
Art, Commerce, Computer Applications, Home Science, Economics Applications, Environmental
Education which is assessed internally and by an outside visiting examiner. Project Work cum
Science Practical Viva-Voce in Physics, Chemistry and Biology is also assessed in the same
ISC (Class XII) Examination – Students who have obtained a PASS certificate in the ICSE
examination is eligible for the ISC examination which is equivalent to the Intermediate
Examination for State Boards or a Class XII Examination of the Central Board of Secondary
Education, New Delhi.
The ISC examination is conducted by the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations,
New Delhi at the end of class XII. One has to offer a total of five subjects as per the following
details. English is compulsory for every stream.
Science Stream:
1. English, Physics and Chemistry.
2. Mathematics/Hindi/Physical Education (one subject to choose)
3. Computer Science/Economics/Home Science/Biology/Art (one subject to choose)
Commerce Stream:
1. English, Commercial and Accounts (Compulsory)
2. Mathematics/Hindi/Physical Education (one subject to choose)
3. Computer Science/Economics/Home Science/Art (any one subject to choose)
Humanities Stream:
1. English and History (Compulsory)
2. Political Science/Psychology
3. Mathematics/Hindi/Physical Education (one subject to choose)
4. Economics/Computer Science/Home Science/Art (one subject to choose)


Science: 70% marks or above, in Mathematics, Science and in the aggregate, while 60% marks in
Commerce: 60% marks in English and Mathematics, 60% marks in Commerce/Economics and 60% in
the aggregate.
Humanities: 60% marks in English and Social Studies and 60% in aggregate.



To encourage the students to excel in studies and to take part in co-curricular activities, the
following medals and prizes are awarded:
1. Academic Prizes: Academic prizes are awarded for standing first in class in each subject.
Individual prizes are also awarded for good performance in all inter-house co-curricular activities
as well as for 100% attendance and best news reading.
2. Medals – Two Victor Laudanum silver medals, one to the best all round boy student and one to
the best all round girl student each year.
– Two Principal’s Bronze Medals, one each for a boy and girl who are adjudged as the second
best all round student of the year.
3. President Col. Shashi Shumhere JB Rana, Silver Medals are awarded as under:
– ICSE (Class X): Two Silver Medals one each to a boy and girl standing first amongst the boys
and girls respectively in the ICSE examination.
– ISC (Class XII): Three Silver Medals, one each for standing first in the ISC examination in
Science, Commerce and Humanities streams.
4. Late Mr. M. Doutre (Ex-Principal) Trophy to the student standing 1st in ICSE examination.


1. A Cambrian Hall student securing a total grade of 5 points (with 90% and above marks in 5
subjects) in the ICSE examination will have scholarship worth two years (XI & XII) tuition fee in
classes XI and XII.
2. A Cambrian Hall student securing a total of 6 points and 90% marks in the aggregate in the ICSE
examination will have scholarship worth 50% of two years (XI & XII) tuition fee.
3. Col. Shashi Memorial Scholarship of Rs. 2000/- for standing first in ICSE examination.
4. Mrs. Yashoda Prem Hari Lal Memorial Merit-cum-Means scholarship of Rs. 100/- per month to
the best student in class XII.
5. Maj. Gen. Pratap Bikram Shah Memorial Scholarship of Rs. 500/- to two students standing 1st in
classes VI and VII.
6. Tarun Memorial scholarship of Rs, 500/- to a student standing 1st in class XI in the Science
7. Dipali Shah Memorial Shield for the best girl athlete and Rs. 50/- for the best girl of Jodha House.


1. Monitors/School Prefects:
There are two monitors, a boy and a girl in each section of class.
2. Medals:
I. Col Shashi’s Silver Medals are awarded to a girl and a boy for standing first in the
ICSE (Class X) examination and the students standing first in Science and
Commerce streams in ISC (Class XII) examination respectively.
II. Two Victor Laudanum Silver Medals are awarded one to the best all round boy
and one to the best all round girl.
III. Two Principal’s Bronze Medals one to the 2nd best all round boy and one to the
best all round girl.
3. Scholar Badges:
a. Students of classes I to V scoring 80% or more marks in all four subjects,
students from classes VI to X scoring 75% of marks in five out of six subjects and
70% in the overall, while students from classes XI to XII scoring 75% marks in
four out of five subjects and 70% in the overall are awarded Scholar Badges.
b. Silver Torches are awarded to students who are Scholar Badge holders for three
consecutive years.
c. Academic Blazer in Academics is awarded to a student who gets Silver Torch
4. Scholarships:
Scholarships are awarded to students standing 1st in classes V to XI.
Cambrian Hall is a residential-cum-day, coeducational, English medium school affiliated with the Council for the Indian School of Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. The Council conducts two examinations, namely; the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE – Class X), The Indian School Certificate (ISC – Class XII).

THE ICSE (CLASS X): The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education has been designed to provide an examination in a course of general education, in accordance with the recommendations of the New Education Policy, 1986; through the medium of English. Private candidates are not permitted to appear for this examination.

THE ISC (CLASS XII): The Indian School Certificate is an examination, conducted through the medium of English, designed in accordance with the recommendations of New Education Policy, 1986, after a two year course of studies beyond the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (Class X) examination, or its equivalent.

 We at Cambrian Hall are privileged to have a dynamic team of qualified and competent teachers. Our faculty includes well experienced practioners who leverage their academic and subject expertise to create new knowledge and enduring concepts.

Regular workshops are conducted for the teaching staff in order to keep them updated with the latest trends and technology of teaching and motivate them and help them enhance their teaching skills.

On the whole, our faculty, curriculum and facilities are oriented towards developing an active, student-centered style of teaching. In other words, we attempt to model “best practices” in public school education and teach in a way that conveys appropriate, contemporary teaching methodology.

Our school library is the trinity of the three, “Books, Readers and Library Staff”.

Cambrian Hall has a well stocked library with a large number of books and journals on varied subjects. We have approximately 8000 books, Encyclopedia Britannica in 32 volumes. We have Science and wildlife Encyclopedias, a wide collection of English and Hindi Fictions, books on Philosophy, Religion, Social Science, Language, Pure Science, Applied Science, Fine Arts, Literature, History and Geography, as well as books to help students to prepare for competitive exams such as, IIT-JEE and Medical. The school library subscribes to all major newspapers and international magazines to keep students abreast of trends and happenings in India and across the world. The Library has proper sitting arrangement for students and staff.
Cambrian Hall has well equipped Laboratories to conduct practicals in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Application and Home science. All the Laboratories are set up with latest technology and have all necessary equipments and requirements. All Laboratories are spacious, airy, and have proper sitting arrangement. The school also has a multipurpose Physics Lecture Theatre for conducting lectures, seminars and other such activities.

Everyone has a dream or desire to succeed in life and become somebody. This can translate into careers in various fields like finance and business, as professionals- lawyers, doctors or economists, as artists – musicians, actors or singers or as philanthropist, public service- army, government or navy, or even saints. How do the young realize their dreams and how many do? How do we ensure that our students make the right choices and are encouraged to realize their dreams and make useful contribution to the communities and the world that we live in?

Based on demand from our students, we at Cambrian Hall, have identified tools to address this issue and we call it “Career Development Cell”. We offer personal coaching / monitoring to our students to turn dreams into reality with the help of trained professionals.

We focus on ….

  • Goal Setting and Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Stress Management
  • Subconscious Mind Management
  • Interpersonal Skills Management
  • Belief Management