The Origins to “Greater Heights”

The history of Cambrian Hall began with the late Maharaja Judha Shumshere J.B. Rana, ex- Prime Minister of Nepal. After giving up his Prime Ministership in 1948 to his first nephew, he moved to India upon the invitation of the Indian Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru and Home Minister, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. He settled down in Dehradun at 13, Young Road Dehradun Cantt.

Following the demise of the Maharaja Judha Shumshere in 1952 and Maharani Gambhir Kumari in 1955, their youngest son Col. Shashi Shumsher J.B. Rana in negotiation with his two older brothers, Santa and Rabi Shumshere J.N. Rana, converted the Maharajas home into a residential/day school for the children of the South Asia region. The elaborate infrastructure and the historic buildings spread over 35 bighas of land at 13 Young Road, now serve as part of the campus of Cambrian Hall.

The late Col. Shashi Shumshere J.B. Rana, a veteran politician and an educationist was a firm believer of the importance of education to promote social change and development. In 1954, he with Mrs. Maude Mainwaring as the first Principal, opened the school and thus began an Odyssey. With a strong vision coupled with firm commitment, five students and the dream and hard work of Col. Shashi Shumshere J.B. Rana Cambrian Hall made a modest beginning. Today Cambrian Hall is a leading school in the town with over 1600 students from varied backgrounds and an outstanding alumni spread across the globe.

Cambrian Hall aims at providing equal, affordable and quality education to the youth, with the aim of producing caring and responsible citizens and leaders of the future. We strive to equip students with skills that will allow them to keep pace, adjust and lead in a rapidly changing environment.

We have devised a flexible approach to learning, incorporating local and global perspectives that lead to academic excellence and a balanced life. The school’s motto; ‘To Greater Heights’, drives every child in the school to pursue the values of excellence, innovation, high standards, unity in diversity and service to humanity.

Krishna Shumshere JB Rana

As envisioned by its Founder Col Shashi SJB Rana, Cambrian Hall has pursued a culture of excellence where its students develop competence, confidence, character and a passion for learning, diversity and respect for others. Our resilience and support systems were put to full test in the past year with lockdowns and COVID and challenges faced the world over. Amidst this context, Cambrian Hall has adapted and shifted gears to ensure not only that our children, teachers and staff stay safe but also that no one gets left behind.

We will continue to provide an equal platform for learning for all our students irrespective of backgrounds and digital divides. We are pursuing an active hybrid model of learning -online and in person – following required protocols focusing on emerging skills needed for both our teachers and students to thrive. Attention is being given to strengthening an active learning environment in and out of the classroom to develop creative and critical thinkers unafraid to explore and express ideas and seek meaningful lifetime success.

Through reinvigorated day boarding and other after school classes and supportive and well-trained teachers and resources, Cambrian Hall will provide a rigorous education for all students including those who need help. Cambrian Hall will support future leaders capable of adapting to changing situations and to live by the school’s motto “to greater heights”.


Mr. Samuel Jaideep

Welcome to Cambrian Hall and thank you for visiting us!

We hope this website will convey our sense of purpose, our commitment to excellence, and our devotion to the development of each student. Since the school made a humble beginning in 1954, we have been a school committed to academic excellence, a passion for learning, and serving others. Today, knowledge is something that is easily accessed but quickly becomes outdated. So how you learn and the process of learning is as important as what you learn. At Cambrian Hall each stage of schooling is carefully constructed, to make a student’s journey from one level of schooling to the next as seamless and rewarding as possible.

We ensure that a child’s interests and talents meet in a manner that is cohesive, constructive, and creative. At Cambrian Hall we work as a team, all engrossed in our roles with enthusiasm, perseverance, and unflinching faith in God.

We also want to ensure that students experience the joy that comes with learning. We want students to learn to apply what they know, to real-life problems. The numerous curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities encourage students, and teachers, to challenge themselves and channel their creativity into meaningful outcomes. We seek to help our children understand a vast array of problem-solving strategies and skills and to work collaboratively, fairly, and effectively with others.

This is an institution where students become a part of a greater family; a place where the collective effort goes into ensuring that students, who come to us seeking an education, leave with a sense of empowerment and a realization of their responsibilities. Thus, the Cambrian Hall faculty prepares students for the many exciting challenges that are our collective future.

We are grateful to everyone in and around our school who has contributed to our success. Given the most competitive environment in which we are placed, it is our constant endeavour to adopt national and international standards in education and to groom our students to face the challenges at a global level. We hope that a virtual tour of our school through this website will provide you with the information you need to see Cambrian Hall as the school of choice in the Doon valley.

With all good wishes!

Dr R.C. Uniyal

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”

Education is the basic requirement of all progress. It plays an important role in shaping our future generation. The purpose of education is not only imparting bookish knowledge but also inculcating good moral values in children. We at Cambrian Hall provide holistic education to the children by providing them opportunities in co-curricular activities, sports and life skill learning. Our efforts is to make a balance between academics and co-curricular activities and train the children to face the challenges of life. We try our best to bring out the latent talents of the children.

Our history of accomplishments speaks for the quality of students the school has produced. The school alumni are placed at the top posts, from bureaucrats to technocrats, top officers of the armed forces, scientists, social workers, doctors, teachers, architects etc. and are contributing in the growth of the nation.