Message from the President

Krishna Shumshere JB Rana

As envisioned by its Founder Col Shashi SJB Rana, Cambrian Hall has pursued a culture of excellence where its students develop competence, confidence, character and a passion for learning, diversity and respect for others. Our resilience and support systems were put to full test in the past year with lockdowns and COVID and challenges faced the world over. Amidst this context, Cambrian Hall has adapted and shifted gears to ensure not only that our children, teachers and staff stay safe but also that no one gets left behind.

We will continue to provide an equal platform for learning for all our students irrespective of backgrounds and digital divides. We are pursuing an active hybrid model of learning -online and in person – following required protocols focusing on emerging skills needed for both our teachers and students to thrive. Attention is being given to strengthening an active learning environment in and out of the classroom to develop creative and critical thinkers unafraid to explore and express ideas and seek meaningful lifetime success.

Through reinvigorated day boarding and other after school classes and supportive and well-trained teachers and resources, Cambrian Hall will provide a rigorous education for all students including those who need help. Cambrian Hall will support future leaders capable of adapting to changing situations and to live by the school’s motto “to greater heights”.