Message from the President

Rani Chandra Raj Laxmi

I have been involved with Cambrian Hall since its very inception, following the vision of my late husband and founding president of the school and taking his mission forward. This has provided me with a life time opportunity to serve the school and the youth of this country. I often recall the late President’s firm belief, conviction, and hard work in transforming Cambrian Hall into a premier education institution in Dehradun. I feel proud that we have been able to carry forward that legacy since 1989.

True to the values of the late president and Founder, Cambrian Hall has promoted a secular and democratic ethos with focus on values of integrity and honesty and care for those less privileged. Today, it is one of the most affordable private school in the country providing quality education at par with the best schools. The outstanding academic results, distinguished alumni and numerous medals won by the children of the school are testimony to this.

For me Cambrian Hall is far more than its infrastructure and buildings. We are community of parents, teachers and students who are working together to become educated, informed and responsible citizens of the country and world. Under the guidance of a very able board comprising of distinguished members and the support of the Principal, Cambrian Hall is providing quality education that is not only modern in its approach but also based on the ideals and rich culture of this country and the region.

What makes Cambrian Hall truly special is the quality of the staff and students.

Rani Chandra Raj Laxmi

Board of Trustees

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