Cambrian Hall Boarding

At Cambrian Hall, we have always believed in...

investing for our students’ safety and progress. Cambrian Hall boasts of excellent boarding premises with top notch facilities to make the experience homely and development-oriented which will ultimately make our students become physically, mentally and emotionally independent.

The WHY of boarding:
The boarding concept of schooling ropes in advantages of both day- school classrooms and boarding to ensure the complete development of a child. This system of learning is gaining popularity at an unimaginable rate amongst the parents for its several advantages in comparison to other modes of tutoring.

Quintessential for employed parents:
Parents or guardians who spend long working hours find boarding suitable as their child/children devote their time in a safe, learning environment at school. Boarding opportunities intend to groom several other aspects of the kids’ personalities.

Fortified nutritional essentialities:
The culture of fresh, nutritional and healthy food is regulated by the administration during the boarding sessions thus assuring that the proper diet of the child is taken care of. Eating at the school mess also helps the students develop proper social eating habits and table etiquettes.

Fewer distractions:
The boarding schooling does not give even the slightest of the window for the children to get absorbed in any harmful activities or habits as they operate on strict timetables and most of their time is occupied in learning and school’s extra-curricular activities.

Professional training for co-curriculars:
Extra time, attention and exceptional training for co- scholastic activities at Cambrian Hall guarantees perfect grooming of a student’s calibre in different areas of learning.

We, at Cambrian Hall, firmly believe that every kid is entitled to their childhood. While education is the primary function of our institution, we have always ensured that our schooling is never restricted to the textbooks. Our curriculum has incorporated various endeavours which would contribute to the personality building and development of our students. Activities have been classified according to the children’s ages and each and every kid is encouraged to indulge in sports and cultural activities.

Betterment of social-life quotient:
Students expending quality time at school tend to cultivate better relationships and social skills through group activities, public interactions and involving themselves in cultural events.

Here's a list of activities we organise:

  • Western Music| Classical music| Indian vocal music| Instrumental music
  • Dance| Zumba
  • Table Tennis| Badminton|Cricket Volleyball| Basketball| Football Annual Sports Day| Annual Speech and Prize Day
  • Art & Craft
  • Guest Assemblies by eminent people
  • Field visits| Excursions| Trips and treks
  • Soft skills training|Counseling sessions
  • Cross Country Marathon