Career Development Cell

Everyone has a dream or desire to succeed in life and become somebody. This can translate into careers in various fields like finance and business, as professionals- lawyers, doctors or economists, as artists – musicians, actors or singers or as philanthropist, public service- army, government or navy, or even saints. How do the young realize their dreams and how many do? How do we ensure that our students make the right choices and are encouraged to realize their dreams and make useful contribution to the communities and the world that we live in?

Based on demand from our students, we at Cambrian Hall, have identified tools to address this issue and we call it “Career Development Cell”. We offer personal coaching / monitoring to our students to turn dreams into reality with the help of trained professionals.

We focus on ….

  • Goal Setting and Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Stress Management
  • Subconscious Mind Management
  • Interpersonal Skills Management
  • Belief Management

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