Education Beyond Classrooms

Cambrian Hall firmly believes that every child is entitled to childhood. While education is the primary function of a school, education at Cambrian Hall includes all activities that go into personality building. On the basis of age, each child is encouraged to indulge in sports and cultural activities of his interest, and class room education does not infringe into a child’s right to play, sing, dance and be himself.

Activities promoting love for learning & building self confidence at Cambrian Hall.

  • Western Music, Indian Vocal, Instrumental
  • Dance, Zumba
  • Table Tennis, Badminton
  • Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Football
  • Annual Sports Day & Grand Annual Function
  • Art & Craft
  • Cricket
  • Guest Assemblies by eminent people
  • Field Visits
  • Life Skill Training and Counseling

Extra Curricular Activities



Every day half an hour at the middle of the day is the designated Assembly Time. This time is gainfully utilized to enhance students understanding of current topics, imparting values and manners -based talks, guest lectures, inter-house competitions, musical sessions etc. Also this time is employed to motivate students by positive reinforcement in the form of praise or rewards awarded in public. The assembly is thus gives every child the opportunity to be in the spotlight and to be celebrated as an individual.
Special Assemblies are conducted on special days and also by each class on a rotation basis. This helps in enhancing students communication skills and also give them more exposure to public speaking and being on stage.


Eco Club

The Eco Club promotes the participation of students in learning about and improving the environment. It is a forum through which the students acquire and promote a set of values and concern for the environment and actively participate in programmes for environmental improvement and protection.


Trips and Excursions

Students are sponsored to attend adventure courses in mountaineering at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi – the lone internationally reputed mountaineering institute in this region. They are also taken on excursions, hikes and even serious trekking during midterm breaks. Over the past few years, students have gone for various treks to Nag Tibba, Har ki Doom, Dodital, Chopta and Tungnath.



Cambrian Hall continues to provide a sports programme that has a positive influence on all ages and abilities of pupils. We aim at developing every pupil’s interest in sport, from aspiring internationals to those for whom sport is just a part of a healthy lifestyle. Our long tradition of sporting excellence gives us the experience required to maximize every pupil’s potential, regardless of the level of sport that they play. To help them achieve this, we offer outstanding facilities, and an exceptional team of solely dedicated coaches and staff.

Art & Culture

Culture is intrinsic to education, just as education is intrinsic to culture. The two go hand in hand. It follows that access to cultural activities at school is essential for students. Ensuring that students have opportunities to participate in cultural activities is one of the core objectives.

Some of the activities include:

  • Painting
  • Pottery
  • Clay Modeling
  • Dramatics
  • Classical Dance
  • Vocal and instrumental Music
  • Craft
  • School Band
  • Photography

At Cambrian Hall we have a dedicated standards – based instructional program, coupled with specialized training in the creative and performing arts. Students who are interested in roll in the program and thus we help them in exploring their talents and abilities in the visual and performing arts.

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