Our Facilities


Day Boarding school is very helpful for nuclear families and the parents who are unable to give ample time to their kids and guide them properly. Keeping in mind the tight schedule of parents TSIS has planned to provide boarding facilities for the day. Availing


Boarding is an integral part of school life, a home away from home where students learn physical, mental and emotional independence. This new found confidence will help students to be pro-active in all aspects of life and also will gear them for their careers ahead.


Students can enjoy various sports in their recreational time like Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess & Carrom.


Extensive play areas are designated for Cricket, Football, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, Physical Education, Sandpit and Splash Pool


The IT infrastructure setup of the Shivalik International School consists of well equipped computer labs. The school follows a graded computer education programme which enhances the computer knowledge & skills in all the classes up to senior secondary.


The Science Labs are well equipped with required apparatus as specified by C.B.S.E. Students of even the primary wing are encouraged to visit the science labs for even the basic experiments so that they become interested and curious about science and enjoying d


Our Central Dining Hall provides the students and staff with the nutritious and well balanced lunch and snacks in the afternoon and evening. In congruence with the policy of healthy eating, the school does not provide ‘junk food’ and aerated drinks.


There is an infirmary in the school furnished with 2 beds, First aid medical kit & basic medicines required for curing general ailments from which young students suffer frequently. It is being taken care by a qualified para-medic & also has a doctor on<


The library has a huge collection of books of almost all genres of literature and text books and reference books of different subjects. It is instrumental in inculcating reading habit among the students. The students make optimum use of the library for study an


Our School covers an area of 5 acres with lush green grounds in sylvan surroundings. The school building has been designed and built keeping in mind the children, the philosophy, and the future growth of the school. There is a planned space for every activity t


Music education touches all areas of learning. These include the psychomotor area which focuses on the development of skills in music, the cognitive aspect which focuses on the acquisition of knowledge about music and the effective aspect which includes the app


Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Paper Craft & Clay modeling, Pottery, Sculpture and other forms of art which give a creative expression to abstract ideas also find equal priority with academics.

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