59th Annual Athletic Meet and P.T Display

59th Annual Athletic Meet and P.T Display

59th Annual Sports Meet & P.T. Display was celebrated with great enthusiasm in Cambrian Hall School, Dehradun, on 26th, November 2022.

The School’s playground was surfeiting with vigour, passion and excitement. The programme began with the arrival of the Chief Guest Shri Ganesh Joshi, MLA, Hon’ble Minister, Agriculture, Soldier Welfare & Rural Development, who declared the Annual Sports meet open with the release of balloons. Members of the Board of Trustees of Cambrian Hall - Mr. Krishna Shumshere JB Rana, President, Mrs. Sonam Rana, Maj Gen S Sabharwal, Dr. Arun Kumar, Ms. Shikha Ghildiyal and other distinguished guests were present on the occasion.

The students displayed a wide range of energetic sports events ranging from the March Past, track events, Pom- Pom drill, and Hoola Hoops. The highlight of the day was the parent’s race and relay race of ex-students vs present students. The audience were left mesmerised by these performances. The proud parents were enthralled to see their child performing.

The culmination of the Day witnessed loud cheers during the prize distribution ceremony at the hands of the chief guest. He addressed the gathering and emphasised on the importance of sports in a child’s life. He also applauded the School Principal, Mr. Samuel Jaideep for the school’s outstanding achievements. The event ended with a Vote of Thanks by the School Principal, Mr. Samuel Jaideep. The evening ended on a high note with a look of accomplishment and pride on the faces of the students and parents.

The Sports Day ended with lowering of the flags and singing of the National Anthem.

Trophies were awarded to the following prize winners :-

Boys Division%

A Division & Sangit Khattri (Mainwaring House)

B Division & Krish Chhetri (Shashi House)

C Division & Priyanshu Singh (Edward House)

D Division & Kunal Arora (Shashi House)

E Division & Vihan Aswal (Judha House)

Girls Division%

U Division & Sakshi Rawat (Edward House)

V Division & Divyanshi Rawat (Judha House)

Yukta Talwar (Doutre House)

W Division & Sanjeevani Rawat (Mainwaring House)

X Division & Riddhi Bhatia (Mainwaring House)

Y Division & Eshika Rawat (Shashi House)

Champion Trophy was won by Doutre House.

House Positions

1st & (Doutre House)

2nd & (Shashi House)

3rd & (Edward House)

4th & (Judha House)

5th & (Mainwaring House)