The 60th Annual Athletic Meet and P.T. Display

The 60th Annual Athletic Meet and P.T. Display were organized at Cambrian Hall on Thursday 30th November 2023. The school President Mr. Krishna Shumshere JB Rana, the Director Mrs. Sonam Rana, and members of the Board graced the occasion with their benign presence.The program began with the meet being declared open by the Chief Guest after releasing the balloons. The first event was the ‘Walk Past’ by primary school students. They depicted a perfect example of discipline and harmony. The next performance was by class I and II who enthralled the audience with their ‘Zumba’. The various races including Frog Race, Balloon Race, Hoopla and Ball Race, Butterfly Race, Carrot Race, Getting Ready for the Party race, and Fun with Letters Race aroused much excitement among the spectators.It was followed by an impressive P.T Display. All the races like 100 mt, 50 mt, and 4 x 100 mt Race were run enthusiastically by the contestants. Lemon and Spoon Race, Skipping Race, and Sack Race were very exciting and thrilling. The Parents' race won great applause from the spectators. This was followed by ‘Tug-O-War’ with great zest and zeal. The winners were the participants of Mainwaring House. The House Trophy was awarded to Edward House and the March Past trophy was bagged by Shashi House. President Sir complimented the participants for their excellent performance and gave away the prize to the winners. The function was very well organized and was a great success. A vote of thanks was given by the Principal Mr. Samuel Jaideep and the programme concluded with the National Anthem.

Individual Championship on 30th November 2023

  1. U Divison – Laxmi                                                      10 Points
  2. V Divison – Sanjeevini                                               12 Points
  3. W Division – Tenzin                                                    8 Points
  4. X Divison – Sabitra                                                      7 Points
  5. Y Divison – Kavya                                                        6 Points

                     Ishita Rawat                                            6 Points

  1. A Divison – Sparsh Chanaliya                                   10 Points
  2. B Divison – Samarth Pathak                                     10 Points
  3. C Divison – Vishal Yadav                                            10 Points
  4. D Divison – Ganesh B.K                                              6 Points

                     Vihaan Aswal                                         6 Points

  1. E Divison – Arsh Yadav                                               5 Points

House Trophy – Edward House with 216 points

March Past Trophy – Shashi House