Spreading Love and Devotion

The Cambrian Hall School community gathered together to celebrate Republic Day with the aim of instilling patriotism and national pride among the students and staff members. The event was filled with excitement and began with the esteemed President, Mr. Krishna Shamsher J.B.Rana, hoisting the National Flag while the National Anthem was played. The crowd was filled with an overwhelming sense of pride and unity.

The school choir took to the stage and presented moving patriotic songs, their harmonious voices echoing through the hall and leaving the audience in awe. Inspirational speeches were delivered, highlighting the significance of patriotism and the importance of serving one's nation. The speakers were eloquent, well-prepared and had the audience feeling goosebumps.

The students also performed a series of patriotic dances, leaving the audience mesmerized with their graceful movements, including cartwheels.

Finally, the event ended with an inspiring speech from the Principal, Mr. Samuel Jaideep. He commended the efforts of the organizers and participants and reiterated the importance of instilling a sense of patriotism among the younger generation.